1. Name

Established Nov 2018.

Stonehaven & North East Scotland Twinning Group (sNEST).


2. Aims

To foster friendship and understanding between Communities throughout the World.  To encourage visits by individuals, groups to/from Stonehaven & North East Scotland. To create & strengthen Civic, cultural, recreational, educational, commercial understandings & opportunities via:

2.1 civic visits based on respect, hospitality & friendship

2.2 promoting sporting activities & competitions

2.3 facilitating Scottish Clan history, migration & research

2.4 encouraging tourist footfall & work with NE Scotland tourist agencies

2.5 helping to develop “Genealogical Tourism

2.6 facilitating commercial opportunities & work with NE Scotland businesses

2.7 working with other NE Scotland twinning associations to form a Twinning Network

2.8 facilitating local & NE Scotland educational engagement with:

2.8a primary school projects e.g., NASA Environmental Programme which would

utilise new media channels such as: Zoom, Skype, Whats App & video- conferencing. All such projects must be approved by Head Teachers, led & supervised by teachers

2.8b secondary schools & academies… pupil (16yr+) short period exchanges 2.8c university undergraduate exchange/election and postgraduate research 2.8d teacher exchange & training

2.8e development & delivery, jointly with others, Twinning Camps on: Space, Energy, Scottish history & culture for young people

2.9 facilitating exchanges of Scottish: art, design, music, dance, song, drama, writing & story telling.


3. Membership

Membership shall be open to all persons, agencies, clubs or organisations in sympathy with the aims of the Group.


4. Administration & Governance

4.1 Voluntary Steering Group (VSG)

4.1a Affairs shall be conducted for 3yrs from November 2018 by a (VSG) consisting of Founder, Life & Ex-Official  Members.  Additional VSG Members are by Founder Member invitation. This will include, at an appropriate time,  a distinguished NE Scotland individual to be the Honorary President of the Twinning Group.  Also a 16+ NE Scotland youth to serve annually as a Youth Twinning  Ambassador.

4.1b Founder & life Members will elect a Chairperson & Co-Chairperson-Treasurer of the VSG for the transition period. A Bank A/c will be established and administered by the Treasurer.

4.1c All payments will made by the Treasurer & Member of the VSG other than the Chairperson.

4.1d Day to day business will be conducted by the VSG via ad hoc F2F Meetings, eMail & online conferencing. Formal VSG Meetings will be a maximum of 4 per year. A Quorum will be 3. Agendas will be drawn and Minutes taken and published on the Twinning Group’s web site. Decisions made by simple majority where Founder, Life Members & Youth Member have one vote each. The Honorary President and Ex-Officio Members have no vote unless also a Founder Member. In the event of a tied vote the Chairperson shall have an additional vote.

4.1e  Accounts will be made and published for year ending 30th June of each year and reported at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 30th June of each year. The Chairperson will deliver a Statement listing progress, achievements from the year past and indicate goals/strategy for the coming year. The Treasurer will report on income/expenditure for the year.

4.2 VSG Membership

Honorary President: TBA

Youth Twinning Ambassador: TBA

Phil Mills-Bishop: Chairperson. Founder Member

Richard Holman Baird: Co-Chairperson-Treasurer. Commander Clan Baird. Founder Member

Dr Neil Mclennan: Director Leadership Programs University Aberdeen. Life Member

Anne McQuarrie: Life Member

Billy Brown: Group Membership. Founder Member & Web Master

Wendy Brown: Group Membership & Fundraiser. Founder Member

Professor Debra Baird: Athens University/Chair Athens-Stonehaven Committee & Life Member

Sue Ajoumal: President Acheres-Stonehaven Committee. Ex-Officio Gavin Jones: Chairperson Aboyne Twinning Association. Ex-Officio Fiona Pebbles: Chairperson Inverurie Twinning Association. Ex-Officio

4.3 Future Administration & Governance

4.3a At AGM following the 3yr VSG period a Committee or Board (depending on the legal structure at that time) will be elected by Members, at that time, to replace the VSG. Existing Ex-Officio remain & Chairpersons of additional twinning partners that may have emerged in the interval.

4.3b The Committee (or Board) at the end of the 3yr period will elect a: Chairperson, Co-Chairperson Secretary, Treasurer (or Directors) to serve for a period of six years. Officers (or Directors) resigning during their term. The remaining Committee Members (Directors) shall have the power to elect a replacement(s) & have it confirmed at the following AGM.

4.4c  Elected Members of the Committee/Board shall in event of decisions have one vote unless in a tied vote where the Chairperson shall have an additional vote. Honorary, Ex-Officio and any Co- opted individuals on the Committee/Board have no vote.

4.4d Candidates for the proposed Committee/Board at AGM may self-nominate themselves.

4.4e At the AGM Committee/Board elections all fully paid-up Members shall be entitled to 1 vote or depending on the legal structure at the time …shareholders by number of shares.


5. Registration as a Scottish Charity (SCIO)

The VSG will make an application to become a SCIO.

The following VSG Members are nominated as Charity Trustees in the event of successful application to become a SCIO:

Philip Mills-Bishop, Richard Holman-Baird, Professor Debra Baird


6. Amendments to the Constitution

During the life of the VSG amendments to the Constitution can be made and approved by those on the VSG who are Founders & Life Members.


7. Dissolution of the Group

In the event of the dissolution of the Twinning Group all surplus funds shall be divided between Charities that the Twinning Group supports i.e., Pillar Kincardine, Aberdeen Neo-Natal Unit & Aberdeen Baird Children’s Hospital.

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