Treasurer's Interim Report

 Treasurer’s Interim Report

Richard Holman-Baird

Founder & Life Member


This report is an interim review of the Twinning Group’s financial position and membership (number & type) from its inception 1st November 2018 to 1st September 2019. A copy of this over-view and actual A/cs will be made available on the Group’s website as will a full financial statement at the Twinning Group’s AGM 30th June 2020. Consideration by the Twinning Group’s Voluntary Steering Group (VSG) before that time will be made as to whether any external independent review will be needed given the size of the balance and movement of funds during and at the time of the AGM. This is in-line with current Community Council financial declaring where their residual balances on their A/cs is less than £10,000. A Bank A/c has been established in the name of Stonehaven & NE Scotland Twinning Group. Withdrawals are made by the Treasurer and one of the Voluntary Steering Group (VSG) Committee Members other than the Chairperson. The Twinning Group has 5 paid-up life and 1 annual Membership which has generated £300.00 of income. A small loan has been supplied by the Treasurer Richard Holman-Baird to ensure a small positive balance within the Bank A/C. This loan is to be repaid when there are sufficient funds generated in the future. A number of local Stonehaven & NE Scotland business and agencies have given help in-kind when delegations from Acheres and Athens have visited and in return they have received free one year Membership and been displayed on the Twinning Group’s website. This, the Membership income and loan have helped cover the Twinning Group’s expenditure up to the present. No further major expenses are envisaged in the near future. It is anticipated that the next large outgoings and matching income will be the costs/income associated with: a) Designing, administrating and delivering the planned “Scottish Discovery” week-end planned for May 2020 for a large group of visitors from Acheres-Paris. b) Later in Summer 2020 the “Scottish Experience Camps” for youths from Athens-Limestone County Alabama as a quid-pro-quo for the NASA Space Camp being provided by Athens-Limestone Alabama.


Extract from Constitution of Stonehaven & NE Scotland Twinning Group.

3.1 Categories of Membership:

Individual 16yr-75yr - £10 per annum

Family - £25 per annum

Corporate, Club, Agency, Business - £50 per annum or in-kind support

Founder - £50 one-off or in-kind

Now closed Life - £50 one-off or in-kind




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